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We provide best eyelash glue wholesale.


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Guangzhou Ruiju E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Full Product Range

Our products mainly are various grade eyelash extension glues (including 1 second, 2 second and 0.5 second fast dry eyelash glue), professional eyelash extensions and strip eyelash extensions, eyelash extension remover. Ubemay offers a huge selection of eyelash extension products for your choice.

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OEM & ODM Service

We have ability to support OEM & ODM service, including offer customized label, bottle, bottle cap, package box or bag with your own logo printed on. Customized ingredients and aromas are also available. Just let us know  your specific requirements!

Diversified Customer Base

We provide one-stop business service for wholesalers, retailers, beauty spa and salon owners. Especially, we also offer low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to small business owners or new starters. And our ability of OEM can help you expand your brand quickly in your market.


Strict Quality Control

We have strict quality control on the ingredient. All of our eyelash glue and eyelash extension remover products are made from Eco-friendly and healthy ingredients, which is suitable for sensitive eyes and pregnancy women. Moreover, our eyelash extensions are very natural, just looks like in born.
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Reliable Lash Glue Supplier in The Market

With different options here, you are sure to find the perfect lash glue supplier to meet your end-client's need. With UBeMay, you can create more beautiful lash sets as natural as your own.
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Custom Options

We provide custom service according to each of client's individual specific request, including dry time, retention, humidity etc.

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